My Little Pony

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A True True Friend
Apples to the Core
Babs Seed
Ballad of the Crystal Ponies
Bats! (Stop the Bats)
Celestia's Ballad
Failure/Success Song
Find a Pet
Find The Music In You
Flim Flam Brother's Song (Super Speedy Cider Squeezy)
Glass of Water
Hearts as Strong as Horses
Helping Twilight Win the Crown (Cafeteria Song)
I've Got To Find a Way
It's Gonna Work - SOLO
Light of Your Cutie Mark
Light of Your Cutie Mark
Love is in Bloom
Love is in Bloom - EXTENDED
Luna's Future
My Past is Not Today
Out On My Own
Raise This Barn
Rules of Rarity
Say Goodbye to the Holiday
The Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading
The Goof Off
The Magic Inside - DUET
The Magic Inside - SOLO
The Pony I Want to Be
The Spectacle - DUET
The Spectacle - DUET
This Day Aria - DUET
This Day Aria - SOLO
Under Our Spell
Unleash the Magic
Welcome to the Show
What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me
You'll Play Your Part
Anthropology - Awkward Marina
Awoken - Wooden Toaster and H8Seed
Beyond Her Garden - Wooden Toaster
Clouds - Omnipony
Come Little Children - (Children of the Night)
Crusader (Are We There Yet?) - Black Gryphon and Baasik
Discord - Eurobeat Brony - The Living Tombstone's Remix
Don't Mine at Night - Yogscast
Dragon Greed - Omnipony
Fluttershy's Lament - AllLevelsAtOnce
Gypsy Bard - Friendship is Witchcraft (Sherclop Pones)
I am Octavia (Titanium Parody) - Eile Monty
I Can't Decide - Scissor Sisters - SOLO
I Will Be There - Count of Monte Cristo
Lost On The Moon - The Living Tombstone and Wooden Toaster
Love Me Cheerilee - Wooden Toaster and The Living Tombstone
Lullaby for a Princess - DUET
Lullaby for a Princess - SOLO
Luna - Odyssey Eurobeat (Eurobeat Brony)
MLP Intro Remix - DJ Alex S. - DUET
MLP Intro Remix - DJ Alex S. - SOLO
Nightmare Night - Wooden Toaster
Pegasus Device - Slyphstorm
Princess of the Night - Friendship is Witchcraft (Sherclop Pones)
Prototype - Wooden Toaster
Rainbow Factory - Wooden Toaster - DUET
Rainbow Factory - Wooden Toaster - SOLO
September - The Living Tombstone
Smile Song - The LivingTombstone's Remix
Swing Tavi' Swing - Joaf The Loaf
The Moon Rises - Ponyphonic



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