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The Moon Rises Extended by Ponyphonic is now on Synthesia!

Jun 2 2017

Big thanks to Duo Cartoonist for allowing us to use their animation!

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4:46 PM UTC


Mar 23 2017

We animated an intro for this one with one of our best animators Megaman HXH. Enjoy our take on the fascinating series by Rooster Teeth:
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5:38 PM UTC

Our Equestria Daily Commercial is NOW LIVE!

Jan 30 2017

In an effort to help improve content aggregation, WeimTime LLC has produced a social media commercial for our wonderful friends at Equestria Daily to be placed an various videos and spread the presence of the site.

Enjoy the video and give the site a visit!
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3:26 AM UTC

Pinkie's Present now AVAILABLE!

Dec 22 2016

Happy Hearth's Warming! Stick around later this week for Seeds of the Past.

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12:48 AM UTC

We Are Number One - Lazy Town -- Out Now on MIDI and Sheet Music

Dec 14 2016

Now that school is done for a bit, we can get back to work. Enjoy the latest meme.

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6:50 PM UTC

Videos Delayed until AFTER December 11th

Dec 1 2016

Well despite my best efforts to prevent it, semester finals and final projects have become the number one focus of mine. This means no videos at all until the last class is squared away. I do have bits of time to work on stuff on breaks, but no where near enough time to finish anything. I'm sure most of you can relate and understand. But fear not we shall return!
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1:04 AM UTC


Nov 23 2016

Get it NOW!

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3:31 PM UTC

Trust in Me Child by Duo Cartoonist is NOW AVAILABLE!

Nov 13 2016

Get it in the media section and be sure to leave a comment on the video and let us know what you think!

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9:23 PM UTC

The Midnight In Me now on Piano with Sheet Music and MIDI!

Oct 20 2016

A great song from the latest Equestria Grils movie: The Legend of Everfree.

Enjoy, and as usual, get the FREE MIDI and Sheet Music files in our Media Section.

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7:34 PM UTC

We Stand for Everfree is now available on piano!

Oct 17 2016

More EQG on the way. This sure is a great villain song.

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6:52 PM UTC

Getting Stronger is now on Piano with MIDI and Sheet Music.

Oct 15 2016

A lot of help came from the Creber and Brown crew to make this possible:

The MIDI and Sheet Music is available HERE:
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4:46 PM UTC

A Changeling Can Change is now on MIDI and Sheet Music with Tutorial!

Sep 19 2016

Quite a nice song from Season 6 of MLP. We hope you all enjoy.

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12:26 AM UTC

Here Comes a Thought - MIDI, Sheet Music, and Tutorial now out!

Sep 3 2016

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5:36 PM UTC

I Can't Decide is now in Tutrorial, MIDI, and Sheet Music

Sep 1 2016

Somber yet satisfying. Enjoy!

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7:51 PM UTC

Ghost by Mystery Skulls is now on Piano and in MIDI!

Aug 24 2016

Get all the needed files in our Media section.

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4:55 PM UTC

It's Gonna Work

Aug 13 2016

Enjoy our latest video!

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7:50 PM UTC

"It's Over Isn't It" now in Tutorial MIDI and Sheet Music!

Aug 9 2016

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11:22 PM UTC

Rainbow Factory Orchestral Remix

Aug 9 2016

Arrow Spark (our audio technician and animator) has devised a wonderful arrangement of Rainbow Factory. Quite a unique twist on a fandom gem if you as me.

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11:21 PM UTC

Hopes and Dreams now available in tutorial and for download.

Jul 31 2016


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10:28 PM UTC

New BREAKDOWN Tutorial by Minecraft Apple & MLP!

Jul 19 2016

Looking for a note by note tutorial/rundown of our "This Day Aria" cover?
Look no further because Minecraft Apple & MLP has done just that.

He worked hard on this so give him some props.
- Posted By weimtime
3:32 AM UTC

We have finished some more videos for your entertainment!

Jul 13 2016

Luna's Future in WeimTime Plays:

Sister Location Theme on Synthesia:

Peace and Love on Synthesia:
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6:29 PM UTC

Asgore's Theme/Bergentrückung is now on Youtube!

Jun 25 2016

Get the MIDI and Sheet Music in our Media Section.

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1:12 AM UTC

Luna's Future Now on YouTube!

Jun 21 2016

The MIDI and Sheet music are also available on the media page.
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3:33 AM UTC

New Additions to the Website!

Jun 9 2016

Our Website Developers have added our OFFICIAL Undertale section to the Tutorials Page. Check it out HERE

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7:21 PM UTC

New Additions to the Website!

Jun 9 2016

Our Website Developers have added our OFFICIAL Undertale section to the Tutorials Page. Check it out HERE

- Posted By weimtime
7:20 PM UTC

Flumpty's Jam is now in MIDI and Tutorial!

Jun 6 2016

The catchy (and odd) song by DA Games is finally in MIDI, Sheet Music, and Tutorial now. Check it out below!
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2:03 PM UTC


Jun 2 2016

If you are a sponsor and would like one of these images next to your name on our Sponsor Page just send me a message or email me at [email protected].

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6:08 PM UTC



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